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Every client gets the highest level of service and attention.

capital 1031 exchange company LogoCapital 1031 Exchange Company works with taxpayers, realtors, attorneys, accountants, and financial planners in facilitating tax free real estate property exchanges. The Capital 1031 Exchange Company has many programs and processes in place to provide our clients with peace of mind in knowing that every detail is covered, every deadline is met, and every step along the process is handled by attorneys who are specifically trained in 1031 exchanges. Capital 1031 Exchange Company makes sure that all parties involved are informed of every detail, and we have instituted practices and bank affiliations that protect your funds.


All of our taxpayer funds are held in segregated individual taxpayer escrow accounts. This is a requirement of the IRS regulations, but not followed by all exchange companies. Our sophisticated banking programs allow us to move funds quickly, when requested, while making sure the taxpayer is completely protected from the commingling of funds.


Capital 1031 Exchange Company services clients coast to coast, and handles even the most complex exchanges, including reverse exchanges and build to suit exchanges.

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Why Choose Capital 1031 Exchange Company?

The Capital 1031 Exchange Company understands that the exchange process can get a little tricky. We pride ourselves on the processes that we have put in place to ensure that your exchange gets the attention it needs and deserves. Let’s face it, you purchased your investment property for a reason – to make capital gains – now it’s our turn to help protect those gains for you!

Some of our unique processes include:

The Capital 1031 Exchange Company Discovery Call

Every client gets the highest level of service and attention. At Capital 1031 we begin with a preliminary Discovery Call. This Discovery Call is critical for us to understand your goals and objectives. During the initial phone consultation, we will review all of the requirements for eligibility, identify your individual needs and determine the goals of your exchange. We’ll also determine whether subsequent discovery sessions may be required to include your attorney or accountant. This gives us the ability to ensure the compliance of your exchange and to be sure that we have a complete understanding in order to properly structure your exchange.

Capital 1031 Exchange Company Preparation Package

Following the preliminary Discovery Call, each client receives a Capital 1031 Exchange Application and W-9. This package of information provides you everything you need to move forward with your exchange – whether it is your first, or your tenth.

Capital 1031 Transaction Coordinator

A 1031 exchange adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated real estate transaction. Capital 1031 will ensure that the attorneys, realtors, title company, and other professionals are aware of their responsibilities regarding your 1031 exchange. The closing team at Capital will work behind the scenes to help simplify the exchange portion of your real estate transaction.

1031 Client Monitoring Program

When you work with Capital 1031 on your exchanges, you are always aware of the status of your transaction. Our team provides you with regular and consistent status updates on all aspects of your transaction. The Capital 1031 team provides you with alerts at key milestones during the transaction, keeping you up to date on all aspects of your exchange.

Capital 1031 Exchange Company Services Clients Coast to Coast

We can handle even the most complex exchanges, including reverse exchanges and build to suit exchanges.

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